The Modern Side of Marrakech: Art Galleries, Concept Stores, and Contemporary Design.

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Marrakech is a city that captivates the senses with its vibrant colors, bustling souks, and rich history. While it is known for its traditional Moroccan culture, the city is also home to a burgeoning modern art scene. In recent years, Marrakech has witnessed an explosion of contemporary design, art galleries, and concept stores, attracting both locals and international visitors who are seeking a more unconventional and avant-garde experience.

One of the recent additions to Marrakech’s modern side is the thriving art scene. The city is now dotted with numerous art galleries showcasing the works of talented local and international artists. Among the most notable galleries is the David Bloch Gallery, located in the Gueliz neighborhood. This space showcases contemporary and urban art, hosting exhibitions that bring together a blend of well-established and emerging artists. Visitors can admire a wide range of artistic styles, from traditional Moroccan-inspired pieces to abstract and thought-provoking works.

Another must-visit spot for art lovers is the 127 Art Gallery. Situated in the heart of the Medina, this gallery represents a diverse array of artists and offers a unique experience for visitors. The gallery’s founders have a vision of cultural exchange and aim to create a bridge between Moroccan artists and the international art scene. The collection here is constantly changing, with temporary exhibitions that encompass various artistic disciplines, including painting, sculpture, and photography.

Beyond art galleries, Marrakech also boasts a thriving concept store scene. These stores have become popular hotspots for trendseekers looking for unique, handmade, and locally sourced products. Le Concept Store, located in the heart of Gueliz, is a perfect example. This store brings together a carefully curated collection of fashion, homeware, and accessories from both Moroccan and international designers. From chic clothing to quirky home decorations, Le Concept Store offers an eclectic mix that perfectly captures the city’s modern spirit.

For those who appreciate contemporary design, Marrakech has plenty to offer. The city is home to numerous architectural gems, such as the Yves Saint Laurent Museum. Designed by Studio KO, this museum pays homage to the iconic fashion designer and his love for Marrakech. It beautifully blends Moroccan architecture with modern design, creating a space that is both elegant and contemporary.

Moreover, the juxtaposition of new and old is perfectly exemplified in the city’s riads. Traditionally, riads were large mansions built around a central courtyard. Today, many of these riads have been transformed into boutique hotels, combining traditional Moroccan architecture with modern design elements. These stunning accommodations offer a unique experience for visitors, with each riad boasting its own distinctive style and ambiance.

In recent years, Marrakech has also witnessed the emergence of modern restaurants and cafes. One such establishment is NOMAD, located in a converted traditional riad. This restaurant not only delights the taste buds with its contemporary Moroccan cuisine but also enchants the eyes with its modern interior design. From the striking rooftop terrace to the artfully decorated dining spaces, NOMAD is a true reflection of Marrakech’s modern side.

In conclusion, Marrakech is no longer just a city defined by its historical past. It has embraced modernity with open arms, attracting art enthusiasts, design lovers, and adventurers alike. The growing number of art galleries, concept stores, and contemporary design structures in Marrakech showcases a modern side that complements its traditional charm. Whether you are exploring the galleries, shopping in concept stores, or simply enjoying the modern fusion cuisine, Marrakech offers a unique and captivating experience that transcends time. So, as you plan your next trip to Morocco, make sure to include the modern side of Marrakech in your itinerary, and prepare to be enchanted by this vibrant and evolving city.

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